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Come Inside The Magic Cover Art Painting: David Reeves (1972). Cover Lettering: Patrick Finnerty. Cover Web Editing: Kriss Perras.
Come Inside
Music Video Coming Soon

Starring David Reeves, Kathy Christopherson and Paul Roessler.
Directed by Kriss Perras
Cinematography by Mathew Rudenberg

Shot in Topanga Canyon, a quirky rock video ride through the canyons and trees of Topanga and the rock days of live radio and TV.
David Reeves: Biography

David Reeves is a versatile songwriter who has written in the styles of Rock, Blues, Folk, Country, Country Rock, Reggae, Ragtime, ballads, cosmic rock and an eclectic collection of songs too many to remember, kind of like one night stands.

Reeves started his musical career in the 60's by playing air guitar on a broom in front of his mirror. His daily pursuit of practicing his technique became such a habit his mother bought him a real guitar. Not taken seriously in chorus in High School, looking back Reeves thinks this may have helped him grow over time.

During the 1970's David and a guitar player named Chris teamed-up and went on the road. They walked-in to radio and T.V. stations and played live. The brotherly pair went through a phase of drinking and fighting with one another, moments where they'd punch it out and then get back together. Then David was picked-up by a Los Angeles music producer and moved to the L.A. area. Then between 1970-1975 Chris also moved down to Los Angeles.

David and Chris worked with Arney Fraeger at The Plant in Sausilito and with Spectrum Records.

And later on at Venice Beach, David Reeves got a conceptual idea about a song. He titled the work Radiochild, which is a song about a child who grew up listening to the radio. Driven and formed by the songs that affected him most from the airwaves, the child was inspired to live life from the songs he heard on the radio. Subsequently published and copyrighted in 1975, the song Radiochild was born.

In 1976, a few of the "survivors" of Spectrum Records formed the group Radiochild. And for a brief period, Radiochild was named Toto. However not long thereafter, the group now widely known as Toto emerged. So, Reeves' group dropped the name and continued on as Radiochild. Reeves' group performed on the Sunset circuit at such places as The Troubadour and Starwood. The last time Radiochild performed at The Troubadour it was before a crowd of about 250 people including such notables as The Knack. Although unrelated to the founding members of the original band, there is currently a band in the Midwest that has taken up the mantle of the name Radiochild.

While pursuing their artistic roads in the Sunset circuit as lead singer of his garage band, the group's bass player was stricken with brain cancer and later died. This effectively ended the group's stint as a garage band. For a short while, Reeves had an alter ego named Bob Fox who wore a cape and read poetry.

After Radiochild, David Reeves moved back to Oregon where he began a solo career in background vocals for friends and commercials. At 28-years old the industry image set-in and he felt too old for performances. Reeves had invested so much for so long that he fell out of music altogether for a period of time. Reeves' said he had to stand back and watch a few fashions go by from an objective point of view and wonder how long each would last.

Today, like a few of the more prominent and groundbreaking L.A.Rock and Punk figures, Reeves is resurfacing after a long hibernation from the scene.

David has recently teamed-up with Paul Roessler from The Screamers. Roessler sat in for Reeves at the studio, and the CD Come Inside The Magic is the end result. The work is Reeves' vocals and lyrics. Roessler plays bass and completed the sound engineering work.

The work created an underground rumble with neighbors passing the CD around and it has picked-up a following. The work has been played on Topanga Radio where the track Gimmie My Monkey Back was the #2 best song on the channel.

Currently David and Paul are in-production making a music video of the CD track Come Inside. The video is due for release in 2007.

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