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David Reeves at Winward & Pacific in Venice
David Reeves
A versatile songwriter who has written in the styles of Rock, Blues, Folk, Country, Country Rock, Reggae, Ragtime and an ecclectic collection of songs too many to remember, kind of like one night stands - ballads too, and don't forget cosmic rock. About the time Reeve's group Radiochild broke-up, Punk and new wave were emerging. While pursuing his own artistic roads in the LA circuit Sunset clubs as lead singer of his garage Band, the group's bass player was stricken with brain cancer and later died. Like a few of the more prominent and groundbreaking L.A. Rock figures, Reeves is resurfacing after a long hibernation from the scene. . .
Radio Child at the Troubadour      Radio Child at Starwood
Reeves started his musical career in the 60's by playing air guitar on a broom in front of his mirror. His daily pursuit of practicing his technique became such a habit his mother bought him a real guitar. On the beach in Venice, David Reeves got a conceptual idea about a song he titled Radiochild. A song about a child who grew up listening to the radio, driven and formed by the songs that affected him most from the radio. The child was inspired to live life from the songs he heard on the radio. The song Radiochild was published and copyrighted in 1975. There is a band in the Midwest in modern day has taken up the mantle of the name Radiochild, although unrelated to the founding members of the original Radiochild band. . .
Radiochild Flyer Radiochild Flyer from the Corral in Topanga

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Radiochild at Starwood David Reeves David Reeves at the Troubadour

Come Inside The Magic Cover Art Painting: David Reeves (1972). Cover Lettering: Patrick Finnerty. Cover Web Editing: Kriss Perras. Cover Painting: David Reeves (1972)
Cover Lettering: Patrick Finnerty
Cover Web Editing: Kriss Perras

Come Inside The Magic
Track Listings To Date:
1. Gimmie My Monkey Back
2. You're Not The Money You Spend
3. Come Inside It's Alright
4. Inside The Magic
5. Dog Style

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